Needle and haystack life

-skolan 8.15-15.35
-Np- svenska muntligt

-göra engelska
-Desperata hemmafruar

Japp så har/kommer min dag att se ut. Solen sken både när jag gick till och från skolan idag.Lycka.

Postat av: Julia


2010-03-02 @ 18:07:23
Postat av: Beatrice Jakobsson [foto]

sv: vad kul ;:D

2010-03-02 @ 18:13:42
Postat av: matilda


2010-03-02 @ 18:14:17
Postat av: E M S Y


2010-03-02 @ 18:26:41
Postat av: Alina

hehe va bra! :D råkar du ha en rabbit då?;D

2010-03-02 @ 18:37:16
Postat av: Neha

Haha visst är de?:D

Hur mår du idag?=)

2010-03-02 @ 19:05:11
Postat av: Carolina [fotograf]

TACK så jättemycket :)

2010-03-02 @ 20:37:05
Postat av: M

Tack vännen :D

2010-03-02 @ 21:10:49
Postat av: Marcus

Rupert Alexander Lloyd Grint

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He has one brother and three sisters

He lives in Watton-at-Stone

His first movie “Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone”

He is very sporty on his spare time He loves football

He plays guitar

He can ride a unicycle

He has recorded eight movies and six of them are Harry Potter movies

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2010-03-08 @ 09:32:20

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